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Free EnquiryWorkplace Pensions Scheme Scotland

The Workplace Pensions Scheme is being brought in across the whole of the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Over the next few years it will become the case that your employer has to provide you with a pension scheme.

With an aging population this is a welcome piece of news as means you will be able to easily save the money you will live off when you reach retirement age. Eligible people will be automatically enrolled onto this pension scheme when you begin working for a company. If you are automatically enrolled your employer must make contributions to your pension fund as well as you. You will be eligible for the workplace pension scheme if you are over the age of 22, are not a member of any other workplace pension scheme, earn over a certain amount per year, work in the UK and are under state pension age.

Remember, it is your choice if you take part in your company's pension scheme or not. Many people will wish to opt out of their workplace pension scheme set up their own pension fund to save for the future. Some people will wish to opt out because they are concerned that they cannot afford the monthly payments. Consider the benefits of your workplace pension carefully, you may find that it is the best scheme for you. It is extremely important that you plan for the future, even if it seems a long way off. However, it is also important that you take part in the pension scheme that is right for you.

Certain workplace pensions ensure your employer makes a contribution to your pension fund. You will also make contributions to your pension - a small contribution will be taken from your wages every payday. You will experience a certain amount of tax relief on the contributions that you make to your pension. Further benefits of pension schemes may include provisions for your partner if you pass away, life insurance, and provisions for you if you have to retire early due to health issues.

If you are confused about your pension options, what type of workplace pension your employer is offering or what your workplace pension could mean for you - talk to a financial advisor. It is important that you pursue the route that will benefit you the best when you reach old age and this route differs depending on your circumstances.

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