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Free EnquiryGrievance Procedures In Scotland

How to raise a grievance with your employer.

As an employee you have certain rights and if these rights are being breached you can raise the issue as a grievance procedure.

Time Limit

If you intend to raise an Industrial Tribunal claim you will have had to make a grievance first to your employer and provide your employer with at least 28 days to respond to your grievance.

Raising A Grievance

There are three steps to a formal grievance procedure which are as follows:-

  1. The written statement
  2. The meeting
  3. The appeal meeting

Your grievance may relate to any of your core entitlements, including your right to written details of your terms and conditions (pay etc) or the failure of your employer to ensure that you are receiving your pay or that you are being forced to work long hours. The next section deals with the different stages of a grievance procedure.

The Written Statement

You have to send your employer a clear and concise written statement of your grievance including reference to any dates and times that are relevant. The letter should be dated and you should allow your employer at least 28 days to respond to it.

If you have more than one grievance to raise then you must put each grievance under a separate heading and recite the facts in relation to that grievance under each heading.

Once you have raised your written statement there will be a meeting to discuss it.

The Meeting

Once your employer has received your written statement, they will arrange a meeting. You are entitled to have someone with you at the meeting to support you. The meeting must be fixed at a date and time that is convenient to both of your and your employer must take all reasonable steps to ensure that you can attend the meeting.

Failure to attend the meeting may lead to a reduction in any compensation claim awarded to you by the Employment Tribunal at a later date.

You should ensure that you are well prepared for the meeting and are able to recall clearly all the facts leading to your grievance.

After the meeting your employer will tell you their decision in relation to your grievance. You then have a right to appeal this decision.

The Appeal Meeting

You must use your right to appeal before raising an Employment Tribunal claim. You must advise your employer in writing that you are going to appeal and send a letter setting out the terms of your appeal. Your employer will then arrange a further meeting to discuss it (the date and time must again be reasonable). Once you have raised your appeal, your employer will make a final decision. After this time, you are free to raise an Employment Tribunal claim if you are still not happy with the decision.


This formal grievance procedure will be followed in almost all employment grievance cases.

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