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As a business owner there will be a lot of things you need to learn one of these will be the employment law that is relevant to the running of your business. You will also need to ensure that any employees in your HR department and in management positions who will have to deal with legal matters also understand the relevant areas of employment law.

The law outlines the proper way to deal with a range of problems that you may encounter in the running of your business, such as poor employee performance, disciplinary proceedings, employee dismissal and employee misconduct. If you do not know how to deal with these issues in the correct way you will be at risk of being sued by your employees. Your employees have legal rights protecting them against a range of problems that your business may unfortunately be the instigator of if you do not know the law. For example, an unfair dismissal claim can arise if you have not dealt with the dismissal of an employee in the proper way. If your employee wins a claim they make against your business you will have to pay them financial compensation.

It is not worth the cost to your business, in terms of money and reputation, to not understand employment law properly. For this reason it is highly advisable to engage in legal training for everyone in your business who needs to be up to speed on employment law. You may wish to provide this training yourself in-house, employ an external firm to deliver a training session in-house or send your employees to a training day another location. Whichever type of legal training set-up suits you, the cost of training your employees is likely to be far less than the financial cost of a series of successful compensation claims. Also, should your company be found to not be adhering to employment law it will reflect badly upon your firm in a professional sense.

Ensure that everyone is also kept up to date with changes in employment law. When important changes are made to employment law, training sessions will need to be run to ensure that these changes have been explained to you and your staff. If everyone is well educated in employment law you significantly reduce the chance of your company being sued for treating staff unfairly. Legal training is a good step towards ensuring that your business is being run efficiently and correctly at all levels.

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"Faced with a complex industrial dispute involving three parties, Callander Golf Club called on the expertise of The Work Ethic to help resolve the situation. Sound legal advice backed by high-level negotiating skills led to an out-of-court settlement to the satisfaction of the Firm's clients."

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