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Free EnquiryHow Do I Deal With Late Employees?

Once in a while, almost everyone is late for work. Sometimes traffic or a broken down car simply does just get in the way of us being on time. However, this is not the case for some employees and if you are having difficulties with your employee being consistently late, you are likely to be frustrated and will want to know how to deal with the situation. The main answer to this is clarity.

1. Clarity of expected standards of timekeeping

This is stating the obvious, but it must be clear that employees are expected to consistently be on time for their shifts. If it is the case that consistently being 5 minutes late is seen in the same way as consistently being 40 minutes late this should be outlined to your employees clearly.

2. Clarity of measurement of timekeeping

You may choose to have a clocking in system, an individual that is reported to at the beginning of each shift or a time sheet system. Whatever system you choose – there should be a system in place to keep track of your employees timekeeping and they should be aware of it and know how to use it properly.

3. Clarity of disciplinary procedures related to lateness

There should be a clear disciplinary procedure in place for use in cases of persistent lateness. For help with drafting a fair and legal procedure you should contact a specialist employment lawyer. It is advised to have a procedure in place to deal with issues such as this, if you simply dismiss an employee for lateness you may run the risk of being sued for unfair dismissal. Certain circumstances would allow you dismiss an employee without notice but it is unlikely that lateness would be a substantial enough reason to do this. Again, you should contact a specialist employment lawyer if you are confused.

When Do I Deal With Late Employees?

You should not take disciplinary action against a late employee as a first resort, only as a last resort. If an employee is late on one occasion, this shouldn’t require action. If an employee is late on multiple occasions but this is due to illness, this also should not require action.

Before taking disciplinary action against a repeatedly late employee you should consider simply talking to them, sometimes simply addressing the matter directly is enough to prompt an employee to change their ways. If this is not effective, it is then an appropriate time to deal with late employees by way of a formal disciplinary procedure that may end in dismissal.

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