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Employment tribunals exist to give you the legal support that you need when you think that your employer has treated you unfairly or illegally. In Scotland, employment tribunals are conducted as part of a UK-wide tribunal service run by HM Courts and Tribunal Service. If you are considering taking your employer to an employment tribunal, read on.

What Is An Employment Tribunal?

An employment tribunal is a court hearing. An employment tribunal is the last resort you will go to in an attempt to resolve an employment dispute. If you are having a dispute with your employer it will be a lot easier for yourself if you manage to solve the dispute via another means such as mediation, or following your company's grievance procedure.

An employment tribunal gives you a chance to get your voice heard in an impartial environment. You will be given a chance to explain your case and present the evidence you have collected in support of your claim. Should you win your case at an employment tribunal you may receive financial compensation for the way your employer treated you.

You can apply to take your employer to an employment tribunal either online or via post. You should be aware that an employment tribunal is not free; you will have to pay fees. You may be able to get help with these fees if you cannot afford them.

What Do Employment Tribunals Deal With?

Certain things are commonly dealt with by employment tribunals such as unfair dismissal, workplace discrimination and pay disputes. However, there is a comprehensive list of issues that you can take to an employment tribunal available from the government's Justice website called a 'jurisdiction list guidance from employment tribunal'.

If you feel that you have experienced an injustice in the workplace or at the hands of your employer it is worth checking to see whether you can get legal support. You should do this as soon as possible following a problem. Employment tribunals only deal with problems that have arisen in the past three months. Often you cannot attend an employment tribunal if more than three months has passed since you left your employment or you experienced issues in the workplace.

Often you may feel unsure about your employment rights, so contact a specialist employment lawyer immediately if you are unsure how to proceed with your case. Everyone's case is different and an employment tribunal may or may not be the correct way for you to settle your employment dispute.

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