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Seven reasons not to run your own Employment Law Tribunal claim!

If you are considering making a claim to an Employment Tribunal, one of the questions you might ask is why you would need to employ a specialist employment solicitor to help you with your claim. There are seven key reasons why this is not a good idea and I explore these below.

Your Opponent

If you are making a claim against your employer, your employer is likely to use an expert employment solicitor. They will understand all of the arguments they can use against your claim and will know which are valid legal arguments and which are not. By representing yourself you will struggle to answer all of their questions and legal points which will put you in a weaker position.

Time Limits

There are specific time limits to be followed both before and after you issue your claim in an Employment Tribunal. Failure to follow these time limits can reduce the amount of compensation you are likely to receive, or prevent your claim succeeding in any way at all. It is therefore vital that you understand these time limits and are able to follow them to the letter of the law.


If you do not have a full and in depth knowledge of the law, you may miss opportunities to win your case in the Employment Tribunal without proceeding to a final hearing. Your opponent may file evidence which is not admissible, but unless you understand that this is the case and challenge the evidence, it will be admitted. If you are able to challenge the evidence and the Employment Tribunal does not allow it, then that may lead to a prompt settlement of your claim.

The Employment Law Tribunal

When you represent a claim in the Employment Tribunal you are attending a legal body that is similar to a County Court. You will have to represent your claim to three people which can be daunting. One of the Tribunal members is legally qualified and the other two are businessmen or from industry. Therefore, you will need to present your case clearly to one legally qualified person and two other people who regularly sit in Employment Law Tribunals. Do you really want to be representing your claim when it is so important to you and could resort in a good compensation payment?

Public Speaking

When you are representing your claim to the Tribunal, you will of course be presenting your case in front of the Tribunal mentioned above, but also the other side and perhaps more importantly, your former employer who will be there to hear the evidence. They will normally be sitting directly opposite you and many people find this intimidating. If you are faced with your former employer whilst trying to make valid legal points it can throw you off balance.

Under Valuation

You may receive offers in settlement of your claim that you consider to be reasonable. However, without legal training you may actually be short selling yourself and may accept a settlement far below the amount you would legally be entitled to. Therefore, legal representation will ensure that this is not the case.

Peace Of Mind

Finally, asking a specialist employment solicitor to represent you in an Employment Tribunal gives you complete peace of mind. You will be free to concentrate on supplying the best evidence possible to your solicitor so that they can help you to the best of their abilities. This should ultimately lead to much better prospects of you making a successful claim.

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