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Free EnquiryDealing With Industrial Disputes

An industrial dispute arises when there is a disagreement between an employer and their employee or employees. Should your company be involved in an industrial dispute there will be a prominent concern to resolve it as soon as possible. Industrial disputes can be disruptive to the day to day running of your business but with the proper handling you will be able to reach a resolution that is satisfactory for all parties involved in the matter. Often an industrial dispute will result in your employees being away from the workplace for some time. This may be as a result of a decision to take strike action or a decision on your behalf to not allow them to work whilst the dispute is taking place.

One of the most important things you must do when tackling a dispute is to address the matter as soon as possible. Understanding the reasons your employees are unhappy is the first step towards a resolution. If you ignore the matter it will not go away and is extremely likely to get worse. In a lot of circumstances you will be able to prevent an industrial dispute reaching the stage of strike action if you negotiate with your employees at an early stage of the matter.

The second vital thing you must do is contact a specialist employment lawyer as soon as the dispute arises. If your employees are considering industrial action they will often do this via a trade union so your firm will also need proper representation. Having proper representation will ensure that you have the best advice regarding tackling the dispute in the least disruptive way possible for all parties. A good employment lawyer will be highly trained in skills of negotiation, and will understand the legalities of industrial dispute resolution. Industrial disputes must be handled in the proper way to ensure that your employee's legal rights are fully respected.

Following legal consultation you are likely to need to engage in a form of industrial dispute resolution. The two most common forms of dispute resolution will be arbitration or conciliation. Arbitration is a process in which a third party will make a judgement upon the best resolution for the matter after having heard both sides of the argument. Conciliation is a process in which a discussion between the parties is mediated by a third party who does not make a judgement on the matter but facilitates discussion until a satisfactory resolution is reached. Your lawyer will advise you as to which industrial dispute resolution technique is most appropriate for your circumstances.

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"Faced with a complex industrial dispute involving three parties, Callander Golf Club called on the expertise of The Work Ethic to help resolve the situation. Sound legal advice backed by high-level negotiating skills led to an out-of-court settlement to the satisfaction of the Firm's clients."

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