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Free Enquiry4 Difficult Employees

1. The gossip

They just will not stop talking, and in doing so they are distracting everyone around them from doing their jobs properly – not only this but they are not completely their work to the best of their ability either. The hardest thing about dealing with ‘the Gossip’ is to do so without creating more for them to gossip about. No one wants to be seen as a spoilsport – but more importantly no one wants to lose money over due to an employee’s actions. Don’t let ‘the Gossip’ get away with it but deal with the matter fairly and calmly.

2. The late one

Constant lateness is extremely irritating and it often means that other people may have to do overtime to pick up the slack of the late employee – if someone is 10 minutes late everyday this adds up quickly. For small companies in particular, this kind of loss of time and cash is not needed. To deal with ‘the late one’ your company should have clear procedures in place for informing employees of the importance of timekeeping, for keeping note of timekeeping and for disciplining those who are consistently late.

3. The slacker

If someone is not pulling their weight in the workplace, their inefficiency could be costing you. The time, money and support that ‘the slacker’ needs is detrimental to a business and it can seriously lower team morale if people are aware of the extra time they are putting in to support their colleague in their inability to work hard. This is a matter that should be dealt with carefully though, as everyone has differing abilities and everyone is not as able as each other. You may find the ‘the slacker’ is not slacking but is actually struggling and needs the company’s support. Tread carefully.

4. The one with the bad attitude

A bad attitude leads to a bad working environment – negativity is infectious. However, sometimes a bad attitude is because of a bad working environment. Always look at the company first and see whether there is validity to their complaints and whether they are speaking for the majority of your employees. If your employees are unhappy you should seriously think about making some changes.

These are just four examples of difficult employees that you are likely to encounter when you are working as a manager and there are many more. Although it is hard, none of these employees should be ignored or dealt with rashly. Contact an employment lawyer if you are unsure how to tackle a difficult situation as you could end up with a far larger problem if your actions are not in line with the law. In general you are advised to deal with a problem sooner rather than later and to use disciplinary action as a last resort rather than a first.

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