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We have often been called into workplaces to deal with disciplinary issues. If an employee is suspected of misconduct, we can assist with the three stage process.

All issues must be investigated properly. There must be a disciplinary hearing and the employee must be given the right to appeal any decision which is made. We can advise and assist with the process.

Employers often find it useful to bring us in to deal with problems in the workplace. We are happy to help.

Problems swept under the carpet do not go away. Whatever you do, you must not invite the employee to resign or be sacked and do not try to deal with employee misconduct by calling it redundancy.

Please contact us today if you have a problem which needs addressed. We can help to deal with the issue promptly and efficiently and advise on how to avoid similar situations arising in future.

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Contact us for advice on how to deal with disciplinary proceedings on 0131 662 6988 or 0131 336 1619 or complete our online enquiry form.



"Our workforce was predominantly young unskilled people who were quite often entering full-time work for the first time. In addition our staff numbers had grown from 100 to 300 in 18 months. Like many SME's we were faced with the dilemma of transitioning from a small business that could rely on good-will and flexibility from the staff, to a medium sized business, where the increased number of staff meant a proportionate increase in the number and range of HR issues that the business had to deal with. It was clear that our existing HR department and practices were not coping with both the number and type of HR issues presented. This was manifest in the length of time it was taking us to respond and successfully conclude the issues presented. Despite the rise in staff numbers we were still unable to afford a heavyweight HR Director. Our solution was to ask the Work Ethic to perform the function of a non-executive HR director. In so doing they became responsible for directing and training our internal HR resource. In literally 3 months the Work Ethic had transformed our HR function, from a department that lacked the confidence and authority to conclude HR issues quickly, legally and most importantly effectively, into an operation that had the necessary procedures and practices to deal with almost every HR eventuality. In the event that our HR department required support, the Work Ethic were quick to assist and incredibly effective at achieving the desired results."


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