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There are certain situations where you can resign and treat yourself as if you have been dismissed. This is known as constructive dismissal.

To succeed with a claim for constructive dismissal, you have to satisfy the Tribunal that your contract of employment was breached in some material way which had the effect of destroying the relationship between employer and employee. An example of a breach of contract would arise where an employer unilaterally cuts your wages or reduces your holidays or increases your hours.

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"As soon as I spoke to Stan and explained my situation he filled me with great confidence as he explained with clarity how he could help me. He has kept me informed of all events pertaining to my case and subsequent tribunal, to the extent of explaining the sequence of events, the expected timescale and the roles of all the official individuals involved. I have no experience of the courtroom and he put my fears to rest. My case continues and I am delighted that I have Stan representing me with such eloquence and enthusiasm - I'm almost looking forward to hearing his cross-examination of my previous employer! Stan is a great man to have on your side!"


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