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There are two aspects to this - employees who have health problems and those who are underperforming.

Employees with health problems

Issues involving employees who have health problems and are absent from work have to be dealt with carefully. You are entitled to dismiss an employee who is absent from work on a long term basis providing certain procedures are followed. This is known as a capability dismissal. A report from the employee's doctor has to be obtained with an opinion on likely future absence. If the GP confirms that the employee is unlikely to be able to return to work in the near future, employment can be terminated if proper consultation procedures are followed.

Attention must however be paid to the issue of disability. If the employee is disabled you must make reasonable adjustments to accommodate that disability - a special chair, flexible working, help with transport etc. Please note carefully that the most commonly recognised disability is depression.

Employees with capability problems

Capability also applies to the underperforming employee. A employee may be failing to meet targets or performance may have declined. There are pitfalls for the employer who does not handle such a situation properly. An older employee who is told that his performance is not up to scratch may make a claim of age discrimination if the situation is not carefully addressed. The employee may simply need training or further support.

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